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Winter Tires

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Hi everyone! Just got a new Corollla Cross LE AWD a couple of weeks ago, love it so far. Comfortable and not nearly as slow as it seems!
With the weekly snowstorms I want to get winter tires, but which steel wheels do I need? I can get the factory 17x6.5 size but can 16" rims fit? I'd prefer 16s with a narrower profile if they fit.

Thanks, hope you are enjoying your new Cross!
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you should be able to go down to 16 for winter tires but double check with toyota service dept.

most dealerships will price match your local tire places . my honda dealer even price matched an online retailer .

I'd spend the extra money it costs for blizzak dmv 2
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What are the best winter tires for toyota cross. I live in Nova Scotia and our winters are horrible, lots of ice, freezing rain, wet snow. Ideally I would like something which lasts four years or so.
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