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Whistling sound in dash

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I have a 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross AWD XLE. I purchased in April 2022. I've just recently began to hear a louder whistling sound when I'm driving and seems to be coming from the dash or under the hood. I checked for debri and leaves, removed a few leaves, but it is still making this sound. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm planning to call the dealership to make an appointment.
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I’ve seen this about the roof rack being a somewhat common issue. I wonder if it’s a faulty part or an error when being installed in the factory.
Dealer replaced the driver side rail yesterday. Sound is gone and rail is secure. I was told by the service advisor that rails can be loosened by some types of drive through car washes that use large felt belts that swipe across the roof rails and may be a cause. Hmmm? If the rails were secure to begin with they should be able to handle this.
jpmccormac....I have not heard anymore whistling since the rail replacement either. I think the problem was the actual gasket and not the rail. The service guy mentioned the car wash thing too. I told him "don't go there"! I told him that there was not anything used in the auto wash that would grab the rail or cause a problem. Also, I don't use the manual or auto wash systems because the detergent used is usually very acidic. High pressure can also get water and chemicals into deep places. I hand wash my vehicles at home. Glad you got yours fixed!
Car wash? gimme a break. Not unless everyone on this post having the same issue used a car wash on their first less than a year run (2022) vehicle. I'm more inclined to fault the gaskets for whatever reason (quality, design, fit, etc) or the roof rails not being tightened down enough originally to create a good seal. Whatever reason the problem and fix seems to be associated with the rails. Good job everyone for troubleshooting, isolating, and finding a fix. Exactly what the board is for ... members helping members. Kudos. (y)
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I do not. It seems to be really noticeable when it’s cold out.
I noticed the same. Also happens during warmer weather when driving between 40-60 kmph. Have you found a solution?
The first thing I did when I bought the CC, I installed side window deflectors, the ones with tape ( glue outside) and I had that annoying whistling noise over 35 mph +.
I decided to change it for the IN CHANNEL version, which looks way better and the design is better.
Problem solved!!!! No more whistling noise.
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