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wondering does anyone get new Corolla cross yet?
Ironically, despite my enthusiasm and excitement over finally getting to see a Corolla Cross in person, I am still very much on the fence about purchasing one.
I am happy with my well kept 2015 RAV4 and having a hard time justifying replacing it. Secondly, I need to spend money on my friends' 2006 Dodge handicap van. It's in bad shape so I am also considering buying a 2011 Toyota Sienna to replace it. A lot to think about, aside from whether the Cross will fit my needs. I do airport shuttles once a month and can squeeze 4 passengers in my RAV4 if I have to. I couldn't do that in a Cross. I guess I could use the van for that because it can fit 4 passengers in despite it's handicap seating configuration.

A LOT to think about !
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