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USB switch + other accessories

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Hi guys,
I've added some improvements to my black L trim FWD Cross that you might find interesting/worth getting.

1) USB switch
The only USB port that is connected to the infotainment system is located on the center console and it looks a bit cheap/flimsy. Since the car has only wired Android Auto/Apple CarPlay and I also wanted to use that port to connect an MP3 loaded USB stick, I sought out a solution in the form of a traditional USB switch/hub. But, the OS on the infotainment system does not tolerate USB hubs. So I found another solution using the following devices:

I plugged everything in and secured the adapters to each other and now I have a contraption that can switch between 4 USB devices. Of course, since the switch is mechanical, only one device with operate at one time, but it is convenient to push a button and have the device I want connected to the car USB port. Right now I have connected: 1 Apple lightning cable for my iPhone, 1 USB-C cable form my Samsung phone, and 2 USB sticks with MP3 files organized with different genres of music (I can flip the switch to either one depending on my listening mood for that day).
I you are looking for a USB hub type of solution, you might consider this option.

2) cellphone mount:''-+6.5+,aps,256&sr=8-1
It seems to fit very nicely between the instrument cluster and the infotainment touch screen, accommodates mid to large phones and has a phone release button on the back. I put a small piece of foam under it to stabilize it.

3) cargo cover:,aps,116&sr=8-1
Seems to be a genuine Toyota cargo cover (the box I received it in said Genuine Toyota Parts and was shipped from Alabama as far as I remember).

4) cup holder and door pockets inserts:,aps,104&sr=8-1&th=1
I got the white line version and is complements the light gray interior very nicely.

5) mud guards:,aps,109&sr=8-1
Since my Cross is black, every little smudge and speck of dust is very visible and the road spray on the doors (both front and rear) was very bad. These seemed to have reduced the mud spray a bit. They were a PITA to install, but they seem to be holding up well.

Hope this little additions are interesting. I'm certainly "settling into" my car more and more as time goes by.
If you have other additions/ideas/hacks for your car that you think are worth looking into, please share.
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These are great, thanks. Any other add-ons since then?
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