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Done a load of research, turbos are not your friend, they force feed small engines shortening their life boosting gases into crankcase and having to reinjest it...they ripoff the consumer, Mazda ,Toyota not buying into this shortcut....Toyota Quality. I maintain them well last Honda went 25 yrs..finally subframe rusted from unibody....oil service never past 5k....
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Must not have done a lot of research then.....

Some of Toyota's longest lasting motors are either Supercharged or Turboed. 3sgte, 4agze, 2jztt, 2gr-fe, 2zz, 2ct, 7mgte, and a few others. And that's not counting their turbo diesels either.

Not only that but Toyota is infamous for over engineering their engines and almost every single one can handle boost without issue.

And finally, what the heck are you even on about with "shortening their life boosting gases into crankcase and having to reinjest it"? Do you not know how a turbo works? Sure as heck sounds like it. Your "gases into crankcase and having to reinjest it" comment makes me think you mean either the PCV or EGR systems there bub.
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