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Toyota Cross GR Sport

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I am very happy with the US version styling as is, but if Toyota is going to shake up the styling with something different this is pretty nice.

Toyota Corolla Cross GR Sport Unveiled In Taiwan With Tougher Looks And Sports Suspension | Carscoops
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Here is a Taiwan ad for it.....

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I like this new edition
Another video....

Do you understand what he said? This video is from Taiwan
This is Taiwan ad
Oh sorry….. you’re right. I meant Taiwan. I will correct my post.
Also a fan of the GR version. Enjoy these photos of it!
Tire Vehicle Wheel Car Vehicle registration plate

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive side-view mirror Grille

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Land vehicle

Car Tire Vehicle Wheel Automotive lighting

Vehicle Car Grille Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Gear shift Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Speedometer

Shoe Gesture Comfort Automotive design Font
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Here is an actual photo of the GR Sport in the wild......
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate
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