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Toyota Corolla Cross vs Toyota RAV4 vs Honda HR-V

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This is how dimensions of the Corolla Cross compares to the RAV4 and Honda HR-V. To note, the Corolla crossover slots between the Toyota RAV4 and CH-R (sized similar to the HR-V) so these official specs will help to see what level of practicality it has to offer.

Toyota Corolla Cross Dimensions:
Toyota Corolla CrossToyota RAV4Honda HR-V
Length (in. )175.6180.9170.4
Width (in. )71.97369.8
Height (in. )63.86763.2
Curb weight (lbs. )2,9213,3702,906
Hybrid curb weight (lbs. )3,0533,710n/a
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The next HR-V is expected to grow to the size of the Corolla Cross. Perhaps it will happen about the same time the Cross (hopefully) arrives in the US.
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