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Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid introduced in Europe

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Here's a video link showing the CC Hybrid they just introduced in Europe. It's much different than the current Hybrid offered in the Far East--2.0l engine; Generation 5 Hybrid system; all digital instrument cluster; larger infotainment screen; Updated Safety Sense system (maybe 2.5?); panoramic roof option; different headlight and taillight assembly etc. I hope this will be the model offered here next year; it would be a great addition to the North American lineup, IMHO. Enjoy...
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Messaged the European Toyota Instagram and they said it was gonna be released in Europe in the Summer and maybe in the USA at the same time or in the Fall. Aiming to get a hybrid for more power and a different AWD system maybe different driving modes.
Welcome to the forum @JackHolland! Hopefully we can get something similar in the US. The more hybrids available the better. Do you have a Corolla Cross/ordered one?
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