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I already check the other post concerning dash cam subject. Mine is little bit different.
Let me explain you :
After very long hours of researching and reading reviews/comments : I decided to buy this product :
Plant Sky Vehicle Cloud Output device

Why this one ? Well. I know there are other brands like Vantrue, Thinkware, Kingslim etc.. A bunch of dash cam's manufacturers, but none of them is finally reliable. There is always a problem with them : defective product, deception and failure usage, bug, short life span... I don't even talk about chinese manufacturers with unknow brands, most of them are junk ! Sorry to say that, but it's true... I decided to choose a serious proven brand, a Pioneer is one if them (no need to talk about the reliability of this brand). By the way, I also found famous brands that few people knows they make dash cams (like HP for example), but if you're interested to know them, I will make a special post with all the products I've found.

Well, my problem, is the following :
I want to install the Pioneer VREC-150MD (link above) BUT I want to install the cam in front of the car, NOT in rear (cause I already have a OEM rear cam). The reason is parking space is vering limited where I live, so you need to be very close to other cars. No problem for parking in reverse, but more complicated in forward gear. So to help solving that, the front cam above the license plate is the key.

I know how to attach the screen to the mirror, but I've no idea where and how to wire the cam in front. Where do the cables go outside and inside ? How to get them under the hood and through the car's trim ? What tools do I need ? etc.

Any experience, advice, photo, video, document, testimony is welcome !
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