When Toyota was gearing up to launch its all-new Corolla Cross, it started with a teaser. A single still image showing a silhouette of something special. Just four lines that unmistakably captured the design essence of its new model, even if we didn’t yet know just how accurate to the real thing it would be.

Those four lines marking the most basic tenets of the Corolla Cross design were more important than just making a great teaser image it turns out. The icon they created became the theme of the Corolla Cross model and that turned into something even more special. A full-car easter egg hunt.

Officially, Toyota said that “as a special treat, every model includes two-dozen Easter Eggs: 24 Corolla Cross logos hidden throughout the vehicle – representing the 24/7 dedication of the team that designed and engineered this outstanding model.”

Unofficially, we’ve heard that these easter egg logos were the work of a designer who wanted to create a hunt for his daughter. Hiding the icons to make finding them a challenge and turning the hunt into something special even for the rest of us.

The Hunt is On

The 24 Corolla Cross silhouette logo easter eggs come in all different sizes and shapes, but they all have those four simple lines in common. Some of them have Corolla Cross text written on, under, or around them, but most don’t. So if you find only the Corolla Cross name and no silhouette, you haven’t actually found an easter egg.

Does chasing around a new vehicle to find 24 hidden silhouettes seem a bit silly? Maybe it does, but we challenge you to say the same thing once you’ve started looking for them yourself. We prefer to call it whimsical, and we think that anything that adds a little more whimsy to the world is a very good thing.

You might first notice one of the more obvious Corolla Cross silhouettes. Like the tiny one that lurks at the base of the windshield. Hidden among those tiny dots that nobody is really sure what they’re there for, it hides in plain sight waiting to be discovered. After that first hidden silhouette captures your attention, you might stumble across a second or even a third. Maybe the silhouette hiding in the front grille or the one Toyota has placed on the trim for the rear bumper. Visible only when you’ve opened the tailgate of the Corolla Cross and are loading it up with cargo or groceries.

A Few Clues

No, we’re not going to tell you where every single one of these clever easter eggs is hidden. There’d be no fun in the hunt then, would there?
We will let you know that there are around half a dozen that are meant to be easy to find. You’ll probably stumble on at least one of them as you go about your day. Washing the Corolla Cross, using the capacious cargo area, or just walking around the vehicle.

Another ten of the Corolla Cross silhouette logos are a little tougher to find. For these, you’ll need to look in places you can’t normally see when your Corolla Cross is sitting parked. Search places that might normally be hidden, like around the doors, underneath, and even hiding under the hood.
Are we coming too close to spoilers? Possibly, but we think you’ll still need to take a close inspection to find them.

Some of the easter eggs, though, you may never find. And that makes them extra special.

Some Will Probably Never be Found

Putting these little treats around a vehicle for the customer to find makes them fascinating, but what about placing these eggs where no owner is ever likely to see them? That takes passion.

Toyota has placed several of the Corolla Cross silhouettes in places where they will likely only ever be seen by the men and women who put this crossover together at Toyota’s factory in Hunstville, Alabama.

They’re hidden behind parts that need to come off to reveal the crossover’s secrets. Places only designers, factory workers, and maybe the occasional Toyota service technician will ever look.

Toyota called the silhouettes a dedication to the team that designed and engineered the Corolla Cross. We’d say that having some of the easter eggs squirrelled away like this proves that. It’s an egg hunt for you and a hidden secret for them.

At least they used to be a hidden secret. Now that we’ve let the Corolla Cross out of the bag, we think you might start looking for them just like we will be.

So what do you do if you’ve managed to find all 24 hidden silhouette logos? Toyota has just revealed the 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid, set to go on sale this fall.

With 194 horsepower and an estimated 37 miles per gallon, the Corolla Cross Hybrid is the most powerful model of the Corolla Cross and the most fuel efficient at the same time. It also includes all-wheel-drive as standard, giving you confident traction along with your impressive fuel economy. More importantly for your easter egg hunt, the new Corolla Cross Hybrid Sport grades wear a new front fascia and have extensive changes versus the gas-powered Corolla Cross.

That means it’s ready for a new search. Full of new places for Toyota to hide its easter eggs and let you – and its designers – find them. So get looking!