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After 15k miles and lots of other issues, I started to notice what sounds more like a spring noise, not too loud but it’s noticeable when turning the steering wheel ( both sides ) .
The noise comes from inside of the steering wheel.
I found lots of complaints for the Corolla sedan version 2019/2022 but non for the Cross.
Does anybody know what the problem is?
Toyota technician said it’s 100% normal .
I also have a 2022 Prius prime which had the same issue but eventually it stopped!
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I had such a noise on the old car Corolla hatchback hybrid model 2019. At 3000 km it started to squeak in the steering wheel. It's like a spring squeaks. I took it to the dealership three times and the sound was not heard when they tested it. Finally I recorded the sound with my phone. They called me and they changed the entire steering rack. I drove it for three years, this squeaking noise did not appear anymore.
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