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Sirius radio

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We just
Picked up our new 2022 cross , went to use the sirius xm and can't find it , i was under the impression all toys came with it.
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I'm not sure about Canadian vehicles, but most Cross' have Sirius. Check this site: Vehicle Availability | SiriusXM Hmmm? Does Sirius XM not appear on the audio Source icon on the home screen?
My XLE came with the 3 months free already activated and Sirius has been calling me nonstop daily (caller ID) since then to have me sign up (ils sont fatiguant).
Its on my CC LE for a 3month trial
I guess I read too much but I noticed your username and I saw "CC LE Premium". I have never seen that before. What is or does the "premium" mean ?
The model trim availlable here were: L, LE, LE Premium, and XLE.
The "Premium" trim gave us an 8" display, cargo cover, flush roof rails and sunroof, heated steering wheel and seats, wireless charging, and maybe a few other options. I'd have to check.
2022 models only LE Premium and XLE have it. 2023 all models across the board have it with the new infotainment upgrade.
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