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Roof rails/crossbar installation details?

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There doesn't seem to be any information anywhere (drawings/photos/instructions) about how the roof rails are attached and secured. The car's manual shows nothing, and no online sources show it either. I'm assuming those only come with the actual roof rails when you buy them (either the Toyota version or aftermarket ones).

The mounting point covers pop off with a screwdriver. This is what's underneath.

Gas Electric blue Rectangle Automotive exterior Auto part

There is a single threaded hole (larger than 1/4") as well as what looks like a slot for something like a tab to slide underneath between the bolts on the right. Is this all there is? I'm trying to figure out why the Toyota crossbars have a low weight limit while the aftermarket ones have a much higher limit. Are there some additional securing points for the aftermarket ones? Do the two bolts on the right have something to do with it?
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Search Thule for the installation instructions for their product. Can't see why it would differ from OEM crossbars.
Yes 1 bolt to secure the crossbar we ach. As someone who carries kayaks weekly during the summer the stock bars were worthless and waste of $300. I'm debating to pay for the Thule bars that can hold $160 or install a hitch and trailer.
Is the right hand side the front end of that recess?
Search Thule for the installation instructions for their product. Can't see why it would differ from OEM crossbars.
I heard Toyota Crossbars only carry 60Lbs. Thule Crossbars can carry double than the OEM Toyota Crossbars.

I’m still waiting delivery of my 2023 XLE in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Once I get the vehicle, I would be interested in trading someone with a base model without the roof rail. I just want a bare roof with the flush rubber strip. I basically just need the part for the bare roof for my side rail components.
Does the 2023 and 2022 Corolla Cross use the same Crossbars or did they change the mounts?
Some updated info for this thread. I went down to the dealer parts department and asked them the question about the mounting points. The thread size on the Cross' roof rack mounting holes is 8mm (metric). The Thule rack uses a set of four proprietary feet (they call a Fixpoint mount kit) that is sold separately from the racks for $150 USD. These attach to the Cross roof rail mounts using four metal studs with the 8mm threads. The rack crossbars then attach to the Fixpoint mounting feet.

It appears that the 8mm studs are the sole load-bearing members of the attachment points. The Fixpoint mounts don't appear to use any other bracing or tabs that attach to the Cross' mounting points. In fact, the Thule Fixpoint kit includes plastic replacement covers for the plain Toyota covers that fit overtop of the rectangular mount space, the only difference from the stock covers being a small hole for the 8mm stud to pass through. The Thule feet then attach to the stud on top of this cover.

I still don't have any info on the Toyota racks in terms of how they are attached. It's still an unknown why they have such a lower weight limit than the Thule racks. If I had to guess, the studs are probably not the weak point in the OEM racks, it's probably the crossbars themselves.
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