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Puncture - where are the Jack points?

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2022 Cross L.

OK, sidewall has a hole in it. Drivers side rear tire. The jack top does not have a slot in it, it is almost flat, slightly concave. The car underside has no markings that I can see. It is not the normal slotted jack top and you position it between two markings. Anyone figured this out? the printed users manual is useless, it basically says to make sure the jack is positioned correctly. Duh.

In the meantime, I think I will take my trolley jack and find a central point to lift the entire rear.

EDIT - I got it. In the seam that runs front to back, there are two short sections that are a bit taller, and thicker. The jack just sits underneath. I never saw this system before, prefer the slotted jack head style, more secure.

Jack, no slot ...
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Underside of car at drivers side rear wheel. The concave top of the jack just sits under this raised seam edge.
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