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"For the U.S. market, the Corolla Cross will be offered with just three grades: the base L, the mid LE, and the top XLE. Prices go up accordingly, from $22,195 to $24,545 and $25,325, respectively. That would be for the models with front-wheel drive, but no worries – the compact crossover SUV is also available with AWD. One just needs to add another $1,300 on top of the MSRP for each grade."
2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Goes for $22,195, AWD Is Another $1,300 on Top of MSRP - autoevolution

Not bad at all with the top level XLE not exceeding the RAV4 LE base price of 26,350, and just above the C-HR price of $21,695 for the base L.
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