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Hi All,

I have recently bought a new Toyota Corolla Cross LE 2023 here in the USA.

This is my first car to own I am admittedly a beginner with car ownership and maintenance.

For starters, Id just like to know the following:

1. It is winter here in the states. Do I need to put antifreeze in the car? What will I use?
2. Do I need to warm up the car for about 10 mins to heat it up first?
3. What are the most important things that I will need to know while using this car?


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It is shipped with antifreeze to protect to -30 F.
Let idle for about 30 seconds to build up oil pressure, do not rev engine, then drive off.
Vary your speed if driving on an interstate or 4 lane for the first 500 miles or so & try to keep rpms below 3000.
After that, enjoy your new Cross!

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2023 Cross is my first Toyota too.

I guess I'd add that it was recommend by my dealer to have the oil changed every 5000 other words, about twice as often as Toyota recommends. That is, if I wanted it to last for the (usual) 250k+ miles that Toyota's are known for. If you don't plan on keeping for a long time, just follow the 10k schedule.

They also suggested that I should use the Toyota branded oil. Even though it's made by Mobil 1, the Toyota branded stuff does have some extra additives that makes it work better in the Toyota motors.

I plan to change my oil at 1000 miles too btw. I've done that on just about all of the cars that I've bought new. It's a good idea to get all the metal particles that remain in an engine after its construction out of the oil system sooner rather than later. But it's your call. The oil filter does a pretty good job I'd imagine, but it makes me feel better to get rid of the microscopic metal particles that are likely still floating around in the oil. Some may be too small for the filter to capture, no matter how good it is.

Dave O.
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