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Hello everyone. I have been lurking for a while but finally decided to join.
Have a Corolla Cross XLE, US version since June 2022.
1- The media part of the owner's manual, I guess on page 42, talks about HD radio. No mention if you need the JBL version for this or what. I called Toyota and they say I should see the HD logo when I have those channels. On my other car (Hyundai), we have HD reception and I see it. No such luck in the Corolla Cross. Is Toyota feeding me stuff or this car actually should have HD radio?

2- I would like the average gas mileage in the instrument cluster to reset on gas fill-up. The OM has "instructions" on how to do this on pages 92-94. But on the car itself, I can't make this happen. Now on this one Toyota help line wasn't sure either.
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