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Since I hate how dim the mirror LEDs are on the Cross I decided to change them out. After looking and comparing them to many different models I found that they are the exact same lights used on the 4runner, RAV4, Tacoma, and Highlander.
Here comes the not so fun part I learned. The previous models mentioned all you have to do is pop the mirror cover off and remove 2 screws and its an easy swap except for the Highlander. Wanna guess which mirror ours is like? ......The Highlander.... with this you have to pop off the mirror glass because the T10 screws are on the inside. Literally the plastic pieces holding the light are the same across the models but for some reason Toyota just decided to mount it from the inside on the Highlander? Anyways still only took me maybe 20mins to do and I don't regret it. Here's the video
Corolla Cross Mirrors
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