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Hi guys,
I just finished a trip I took to see how high of a mileage I can get by just being more mindful how I rev the engine. My Cross is the L trim, FWD only - so probably the lightest version.
The trip took 151 miles and the reported trip average when I turned off the engine was 37.5 mpg. I went from Seatac, WA to Bremerton, WA and back. I took the Tacoma Narrows bridge going there, then the further south route via Olympia for the return. Most of it was highway with 60, 65, 70mph. About 50 miles were at around 50-55mph.
During the trip I reached as high as 38.8mpg calculated average. This was during the 50-55mph portion of the road where I was able to stay under 1800 rpm. That area of Washington state is long hills, which probably was a factor in me not reaching 40mpg. I could see it, if you drive through a flat area (desert maybe), and were able to drive at 1500 rpm, just barely touching the accelerator pedal, that you could pass the 40mpg by a mile or two. The engine is strong enough to keep the car going at idle power.
The drive was slow and boring, with lethargic acceleration, but the overstuffed sofa like comfort made it pleasant.
Realistically though, if you don't pay attention, you get about 33-34mpg for highway driving in a hilly area. I noticed that the city only mpg is about 27-28mpg in this car.
Not bad considering the weight, shape (not very aerodynamic looking SUV) and tires (regular width, all weather).
What has been your experience? What mileage do you get in your area with your Cross?
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Thanks for info. My FWD XLE Cross hasn't arrived yet, but if I get close to your numbers I'll be a happy camper. 馃榿
You should try taking Highway 18 to see what a worse case scenario would be. That is one hilly highway. Good to see a fellow Washingtonian on here.
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I kept an eye on the issue of range over the last few months. My last fill-up was a few days ago. This is how it went:
  • average MPG (last reset was done in December, I think) shown as 31.5 mpg
  • at about 18 miles of range left, the Low Fuel warning light came on and the little display started showing me the Fuel Low message every time I started the car. The needle indicator was 1/16 of an inch from the E line.
  • I drove around a bit on some errands and went to fill it up. When I pulled in at the pump the onboard computer was showing me 3 miles of range left. The needle indicator was on the E line.
  • I filled it up until the pump clicked to stop. It took 10.01 gallons of fuel.
  • new estimated range when I started the car was 329 miles.

So, the spec says the tank capacity should be 12.4 gallons. It seems like I can only use about 9.5 gallons of fuel and still have the computer show me some range left. If the range goes to 0 mile, what then? I don't know how much I can drive the car before the gas completely runs out. 50 miles? 60 miles? 70 miles?
I know I'm not supposed to drive it until the tank is dry. You don't need to lecture me on that.
I'm trying to make a point about the range of the car. Why does that spec say 12.4 gallons? Is that actual, usable 12.4 gallons of fuel? How did Toyota arrive at that number? What were they calculating? The total volume of space occupied by the tank and pump and hoses in this universe? What good is it to me this 12.4 number if I can't properly estimate the range of the car?
Don't you think it would have been more normal if they said: "The car tank can accept a total of 11 gallons of fuel, of which 10 gallons will be used in estimating the range and 1 gallon will be kept in reserve. So, considering the advertised fuel consumption of the car at 33mpg, times 11 gallons, the car has an average total range of 363 miles. Be aware of this when planning a long trip outside gas stations areas."

I can probably go 350 miles with relative confidence. But I don't know for sure since I don't know how much gas the tank takes... And this on a crossover vehicle. The regular Corolla has an advertised tank of 13.2 gallons. The Prius has 11.4 gallons advertised. And for a crossover vehicle, almost the size of a full SUV, they slapped on a 12.4 gallons tank of which about 10 gallons are confidence inspiring range.
It's boneheaded decisions like these, Toyota makes, that drive people away from their products.
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Thanks for info. My FWD XLE Cross hasn't arrived yet, but if I get close to your numbers I'll be a happy camper. 馃榿
I got my Cross XLE AWD in November (3 months ago). I drive about 30 miles to and from work per day in the Philadelphia suburbs with constant red lights. My mpg pretty much stays at 22.9 which is very disappointing but I don't know how to improve it. Any suggestions are appreciated.
I get similar miles on the fwy. Once got close to 40 MPG on flat fwy driving.
I agree with one annoyance. The gas gauge is too conservative. I usually like to fill up at 1/4. On this car, at 1/4th full, I can put in close to 8 gallons. So, there is plenty of gas left in the tank. Like the poster above, I am not sure when is it actually an emergency to get gas.
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