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Just Reserved A Cross LE AWD

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Last December, after my wife's 37-year-old son totaled my wonderful 2008 Honda Civic by exercising some of the worst judgment in the history of mankind during a brutally cold and icy day, we began our search for a replacement.
Our other car is a 2017 Toyota Camry, which we bought used. IMHO, it's the best car I've ever owned and I've been around for 7 decades. My wife wanted an SUV. I am of the (unpopular) opinion that most people don't need an SUV at all, that sedans have plenty of room, are less expensive, usually get better fuel mileage and handle better but a lot of people like sitting up higher and having that space just in case they need to haul that table over to Aunt Matilda's at Thanksgiving. So, okay ... the wife won this battle.
I'm retired but have a lot of hobbies, one of which is researching my latest interest(s). It could be watches or safety razors or firearms or whatever floats my boat or it might be something that needs my attention, like needing a new car and wondering which one to buy ...
Long story made shorter, we ordered a 2023 Toyota Cross LE AWD a couple of days ago. It will ship from the Alabama plant and we should have it within a month, I hope.
This vehicle really seems to tick all the boxes: reliability, styling, just enough amenities that I like, a name I trust, good handling, decent fuel mileage, etc. And my wife is really enthused, as opposed to when we bought the Camry and she commented, "It's an old man's car." :oops:
Having not purchased a vehicle in a 2 or 3 years, I was stunned and shocked by three factors, all of which are tied together: price, interest rates and lack of inventory.
In other words, we picked a really lousy time to buy a car.
But here we are and I'm looking forward to taking delivery of this Cross. I think it will serve us well for years go come.
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