Compared to the US-Spec model, the Japanese market Corolla Cross looks a bit different.

"The Toyota Corolla Cross, the TNGA-based C-SUV that slots between the C-HR and the RAV4, was first unveiled in July 2020, with the US-spec variant following in June. Although most global models retain a similar look, the Japanese-spec Corolla Cross appears to differ from the others thanks to a redesigned front bumper.

The SUV is scheduled to debut in Japan soon but a set of leaked photos posted on Instagram by @indra_fathan have already revealed the altered styling. The new face of the Japan-spec Corolla Cross has a smaller grille with a protruding plastic part among the LED headlights and a huge central intake underneath with a decorative frame. Compared to the US-spec model, it looks like Toyota designers lowered the grille, forcing the foglights to the edge of the bumper. The headlights also feature different LED graphics with centrally positioned DRLs and dynamic turning signals.

The pictured model is a Hybrid but leaked photos of the brochure posted by Creative Trend reveal that the same bumper will be used in ICE-powered versions of the Corolla Cross in the Japanese market. The profile is identical with the US-spec model, as is the interior layout (besides being right-hand drive of course). At the back, we find slightly different taillight graphics and a sportier design for the plastic cladding on the rear bumper.

Another leaked photo posted on Twitter by user うっちー shows two black examples of the Japanese market Corolla Cross looking quite aggressive thanks to the tinted headlights and the 18-inch wheels since they are in the highest available trim level.

According to local media, the Japanese-spec Toyota Corolla Cross will be officially revealed on September 14 so we will soon have more information on its design and specifications. As for the US-spec model, it is going on sale next month, initially solely with a 169 hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder, with prices starting from $22,195."
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