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Toyota does such a completely lousy (non-existent really) job of promoting the Cross, I'm surprised there are any out there at all. I didn't even know it existed till my dealer told me he had one (which I bought) on the way in that wasn't spoken for. I had to look it up on line to figure out that it was just a slightly smaller Rav4.

I was really in the market for a Rav4, but would need to wait 6 months for one because their allocation was spoken for that far out. Plenty happy with my Cross AWD XLE though. And it was almost $5k cheaper for similar equipment.

If they discontinue it in a couple of years, they will say "there wasn't much demand for it". Of course not!...When they never even mention it in any advertising or promotions. They do sell right away when they arrive however. I'd guess Toyota makes more profit on a Rav4, so it gets more promotion. It's just that people have never heard of the Cross...I hadn't!

Dave O.
41 - 46 of 46 Posts