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IIHS Safety Testing?

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When does IIHS normally conduct tests on current model year cars? I saw the 2022 corolla cross is on their list to test this year but just curious if like they come out with that data early in the year, mid year, late year, or just whenever they get around to it? (i.e. various cars sprinkled throughout the year). I definitely care about safety and I know broadly speaking it should be a decently safe car but like I'd love to see the numbers/tests etc. I saw some data from 2021 model in other regions (think it was ENEA testing or something like that) and it looked like it did decent? Numbers on that site were hard to make sense of though haha, like it had a rating but didn't say 'out of what'.
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Hey @emilyplusplus the IIHS shared some footage of the Corolla Cross going through testing. They also gave it a Top Safety Pick+ Award

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