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Hybrid build going live in Canada

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Hosers, have a look at !
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Gas XLE AWD start at 38095 .vs. Hybrid XSE AWD 39800, the different is CAD$ 1705, hmm....馃檮
Did USA finally put up there pricing?
I think USA put up pricing before CAN. Just spec'd a white XSE !
If I go to Toyota USA I cant build a Hybrid or get a total price?
US prices were available on 4/15.
I see where I made the mistake, my zip code wouldn't allow me to build it, I changed it to a colder climate and BAM, I built it

Canadian colour choices not great - can only avoid a black roof (and $540 charge for 2-tone) with either pearl white or celestine blue :-( And can only get a sunroof with XSE - no package option to add to SE like in the states:-(
Yeah, disappointing when there are some very nice colors in overseas markets. Black roof = design trend that I didn't get the memo for. No SE + sunroof, bah! The spread between an SE and XSE is only C$3150.00 (taxes in), and considering how much they stripped out of the SE, it's just not the best value, imho.
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