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How to remove rear seat?

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Does the rear seat bottom just pull up from the front with a sharp tug? I need to install rear seat bottom covers and gave it a little tug and there was no give. Don't want to go Rambo on it just yet :)
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Maybe I am the first. Yeah, the rear seat bottom pulls up on both sides at the front edge. I wasn't expecting the big bar across the rear and wonder if the FWD Cross has one. Anyway, the seat covers are going on now.

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Is that bar for side impact?
Don't know. I was thinking it is to strengthen the rear on AWD models as up to 50% power can go to the rear wheels. Maybe FWD models don't have the bar?
Anyway, that bar interferes with the seat cover webbing that runs front to back. Awaiting advice from the cover manufacturer EKR.
Did you have trouble getting the bench to lock back into place?
Mine is giving me a hard time. Everything is lined up, i just can't seem to get enough downward pressure to win the battle.
I plan to remove the rear seat bench, can you guys suggest if that is easy?
Is it just the clips or some bolt/screws also needs to be removed?
No bolts or anything, just pull up at the front on the left and right side, one side at a time and either side first. In the picture I put in the 2nd post, the two white oval holes at the front edge, that's where the seat clips push in. To reinstall, line up the tabs and hop on the seat. I weigh about 200 lbs. and it popped back in, actually went in a bit easier than I expected. My Rav4 rear seat was harder to get back in.
Thank you @kallsop .
I was able to install the rear seat bench.
FWD too has the big bar.

It was a medium complex. Things to note for EKR installs. loosen the straps (4).
Remember to pull/push back the hook for the middle seat passenger, to prevent rework.

Overall i would recommend EKR.
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