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Hi guys, thought I would post my most recent upgrade. So Toyota only sells, directly, the "manual" homelink mirror with integrated battery. My XLE came factory with the autodim but NO Homelink. I wanted to keep the auto-dim feature with this upgrade, so I emailed Bob from Bob's mirrors, and he was able to make me a plug and play mirror, that looks identical to the factory. Link (Welcome to Bob's Automotive Mirrors & More, LLC. - We provide you with quality mirrors, backup cameras & other accessories to upgrade your vehicle) Total cost for this upgrade was $309, but if you don't want the compass I believe it is cheaper.

1. Identify what mirror you have, if you have the auto-dim from the factory you should be able to "plug and play" with no wiring splicing or electrical work. If you don't have that from the factory, you can still do it, but additional work is required. Bob has been great to work with, and any doubt shoot him an email.

2. The actual disassembly to access the mirror is VERY simple, I have attached the Toyota Factory instructions to remove for the manual version, but its essential 2 plastic pieces, and you will also need a Torx (T20) screw driver bit. You'll just have to disconnect the old mirror and plug in the new mirror's electrical plug.

3. Enjoy your new mirror!

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