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Corolla Cross XLE AWD 2022
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Hi all,
I have my Corolla Cross for about 1 month. There is an issue, may be related to the Direct Shift CVT. Every time it launch after a complete stop, from 0 to around 15 km/h, there is some vibration or slippery feeling. Is it the time it transits from the physical first gear to CVT? I can feel it from the seat and sometimes also from the steering wheel. It is more obvious when I press lightly on the gas paddle (not driving aggressively).
I tried to Google it, couldn't find any similar information related to Corolla Cross. But some Lexus UX200 owners have same issue, the UX200 should have same engine and gearbox with Corolla Cross. Below is their discussion:

I am wondering if other Corolla Cross have same issue or mine is having defect?
Thank you!
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