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Digital vs analog speedometer indication

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My digital speedometer indicated on the right-most instrument display area is often 1mph slower than the analog gauge. During cruise control, the analog gauge indicates that the Cross is maintaining the speed set on the digital display, but the digital speedometer continually fluctuates between the set speed and 1mph under, even on flat, level and straight road with no other vehicles ahead. In fact it seems to indicate 1mph under more than 50% of the time.

The only explanation that makes sense is that the digital speedometer isn’t rounding up to the nearest integer. In other words, if the vehicle’s speed is 49.9 mph, the digital readout will show 49mph instead of 50mph.

Going by the analog speedometer, the Cross’ cruise control is doing an above-average job of maintaining the set speed, with only a short decay of no more than 1mph at the beginning of uphill sections. If you were looking only at the digital speed indication, you’d have to set the cruise at 1mph higher than you desired if you wanted that readout to stay at or above your desired speed.

Not a big issue, but it’s made me rely more on the analog speedometer than the digital readout.
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