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I did the Vantrue N4, with the GPS adhesive mount, 256GB memory card, and hard-wiring kit.

This is my second N4. The previous one (on my other vehicle) has the suction cup; which does not hold well in hot climates.

The previous was bought on Amazon, but this time I found a better deal on for the camera and hard-wiring kit, while the GPS mount and memory card still had a better price on Amazon.

Product Font Screenshot Material property Communication Device

Product Font Screenshot Number Multimedia

Font Screenshot Parallel Number Rectangle

Camera accessory Cameras & optics Gadget Audio equipment Font

Car Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle Mirror Window

Rear camera:

Hood Car Motor vehicle Personal luxury car Vehicle

Car Hood Light Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

And, some people had asked me how the rear camera performs with the 5% window tint…

Grille Car Automotive parking light Automotive lighting Hood

…well, the camera performs awesome, because you can almost feel there’s no window tint from the inside!

Water Automotive lighting Fixture Automotive exterior Tints and shades

Best regards,

CrossSaint 🥐

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There is an official Genuine Toyota dash cam :

Shop part :

But it seems OEM products are not the best :

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I'm going to place this as a disclaimer. The fitcam X does not fit the 2023 corolla cross models, Toyota changed the plug from a 12 to a 16 pin plug on the TSS camera. I ended up returning the camera upon running into this issue.
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