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Cup holder question (For gas station drinkers)

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I'm on the road a lot and will carry 44oz gas station drinks (Like circle K's 44oz). Can the Cross hold 2 44oz cups without issues? The arm rest seems like it sticks out over the back cup slot so I was just wondering.
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I don't know but I just bought one of those inserts off of Amazon that allows it to hold a 40 oz Hydroflask that works great. I'll try swinging by a Circle K and testing it out. Give the thread a bump if you don't hear back from me.

But I can't recommend the Hydroflask enough. Sure, you lose 4 oz. in volume but the ice lasts all day and night. You probably could get away with less ice and more soda with the Hydroflask and still keep it cold and bubbly all day. I found some bendy straws on Amazon that fit the hydroflask flip top and they have a cap on the straw so it keeps the gas from escaping. My sodas are still fizzy the next day. But I'm not picky, I'll drink the Sam's Cola at Walmart. Your mileage may vary! 馃榿
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I stopped by Circle K to answer this important question. Here's photo evidence:

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Here's a picture of my cupholder and Hydroflask that I mentioned. I usually hold the Hydroflask in my lap. I only put it in the cup holder when I leave it behind while shopping, etc.

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It's the "Kemimoto Car Cup Holder Expander Compatible with 26/30/36oz Yeti, 32/40oz Hydro Flasks, 20/32/48oz Nalgene, Large Cup Holder Adapter for Car Fits for Universal Vehicles, Golf Carts, UTVs, RVs, Trucks" on Amazon for $16.
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@TommyBahama2020 You're so awesome thank you! That looks exactly how my Kia soul is now. So two 44's will work. I did look up the Hydroflask and those do seem really cool. Which model do you have with the straw?
The straw was off of Amazon. The 40 oz Hydroflask comes with a screw top by default but some come with a flip top. I got mine at REI and one of the workers allowed me to swap it out. Seems a lot of people were doing it without asking though. 馃榿
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