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Crooked Steering Wheel

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I’ve had my Cross for 2 weeks now and have noticed my steering wheel is crooked to the right slightly when driving straight. I took it back to the dealer today, they inspected it and determined the steering was out of alignment (I haven’t hit any curbs or potholes). My car only has 56 miles on it. The technician said this is the third cross they’ve seen in 4 weeks reporting the same issue.
If any of you cross owners are experiencing this issue, it’s covered by warranty, but after 7500 miles it’s up to the customer to pay for it. The alignment process took about 15 minutes. I didn’t make an appointment so I was there for a total of 2 hours. Do yourselves a favor and make an appointment :)
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Same thing happened to my CC.
Because I always have the center lane control ON, it took me some time to realize the exact same issue.
The dealership where I bought the car Antwerpen Toyota- Clarksville MD, refused to perform the alignment! They said they didn’t have the specs for my vehicle! Hahaha that’s a big joke!
but the funny part of it all.. “ they tried to charge me for the alignment “… that’s crazy.

went to another dealership and everything was sorted in 1 hour!
I was told the alignment is under warranty up to 12k miles.
At that time I had less than 5k on it.

the mechanic who performed the alignment said that is pretty common with new cars.
I did have to send my CC to a dealership where i bought it, they did the alignment and showed me the results for each wheel. it is kinda out but they managed to align them, they did not charge me as they said it is covered under the warranty, not sure though about the 12K miles limitation on alignment, i need to check that back with my dealer. Thanks for the info.
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