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Hi everyone. After ordering a CC in January, finally received it mid April. Have never bought a car without a test drive so this whole process is new to me. Overall I like the car but there are two concerns for me. My car came with a full tank of gas and now I just filled it up. The mileage states it is getting about 17-18 mpg. Some people have told me there is a "break in " period for the engine before you see the great mileage. Is this true and has anyone experienced this also?

Second the passenger seat seats very low. I do not see anyway to raise it. Am I missing something? Other than I love the car. I got silver.d
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There has been some confusion with both of your questions. All models have height adjustable driver's seat (not your question) and no models offer a height adjustable passenger seat. An option I use when I have a passenger who is sensitive to the difference: I lower mine a bit and offer the a cushion (I got a perfect fit and comfy one at Aldi market) to match our heights.
As for the break-in period, that doesn't necessarily have a relationship to fuel economy. The sort of slight difference that people sometimes notice (never the case for me across various new cars) shouldn't exceed maybe 10%, whereas what you saw was at least 50%! So after doing the test recommended by "J", if you are not close to the numbers offered on the window sticker this should be brought to the attention of the service department, maybe when you have --if they offer-- a first check at 1000 miles or 1 month.
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