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What a wonderful car. It's my wife's daily driver and she is still in the break-in phase...less than 900 miles of non-highway driving. It's flat here in Myrtle Beach, and her MPG results far outweigh the EPA estimate...almost 40MPG, and this is on regular roads averaging maybe 50mph. The FWD has the torsion beam rear suspension, but the thing handles great. The car has ample storage space for our needs, and you can fit 5 comfortably inside, 4 full-sized adults, and a large child in the middle of the rear seat.

The speedo is accurate, although I had to reset the TPMS sensors to calibrate them once I set the tires PSI with a good gauge, now they are within tolerance. The infotainment system could be better, but it does everything you need, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while only wired, works great...easily set up with your phone. You don't even have to connect your phone via Bluetooth for APC or AA to work which is nice.

Seats are comfy, not mind-blowing, but supportive. We will see how it feels on a long trip up to Wilmington soon and I'll try to update the feel here.

All in all, my wife is now a converted and proud Toyota owner. We have a winner here, price, quality, standard safety features, looks....what else can you ask for?
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