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2023 corolla cross

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I ordered my 2023 corolla cross sept 8 2022, dealership said because its a 2023 can only be ordered in oct 2022 , and should be here february 2023, No eta on anything yet, eastern ontario region , after calling 3 other dealership recently i was told could range between 8 to 24 months
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Welcome to the club! I am in Ontario, ordered my 2023 cross in Nov 2022. It still has not been built. They told me 6 to 8 mnths. At the 6 mnth mark, im going to look elsewhere to be honest. I cant do another summer in my current car with no AC . Also ask ur dealer for the "sold order number" for ur car and the link to the site where you can check the progress yourself
Thanks i will look into the "sold order number " didn't know about this .
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