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2022 wiring

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So my Cross L did not come with fog lights and I purchaed a kit to install them off of Ebay. The kit itself looks nice, the harness and such is very nice, however I have come to the point in the installation that is requiring me to connect it to a ( engine on B+ ) and the other wire ( Low beam selector + ). My question is, does anyone have a wiring diagram for the lighting system for the Cross yet? I've done a bunch of Google searching and have come up with nothing. I really did not want to just go probe poking into wires to hunt them down unless I can't get the correct information first. Anyone have any information on it? I live in a state where it MUST be connected to low beam only in order for a state legal inspection to be done. And quite honestly I like to have things work the way they are designed so I'd appreciate any accurate information.
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