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Hi Guys,
Just purchased 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross XLE, FWD. I chose a front wheel drive version because the trunk space is a little bit larger. The ride is comfortable, quiet, and I like everything about my car, so far. Gas millage is good around 30-32 MPG, but if you do short trips 3-5 miles, you could get 25-28 MPG. I really like all LED head lights and back lights (especially red turn signals) - they make you visible from far away in traffic. My dealer "sold" me the package with automatic closing/opening back door, along with sunroof. I was not happy because it increased the price of the car; however, I started to like the automatic back door very much. It is very cool and easy to live with something like that :)
It is good to be part of this growing Corolla Cross Community. Cheers!!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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